Friday, 8 January 2010

A Quick Update

t would seem that I have neglected this blog for a while. There has
been a number of holidays and what not that have diverted my focus away
from the blog for the time being. That and I've been busy training,
though it has been greatly interrupted due to the recent snow fall we've
had in the UK. The last time I've been to the gym has been on the 3rd of
January. Damn white powder coming so hard that the gym has actually been

Given that there hasn't been much movement on the hockey front as we are
only coming up to the season now and we haven't really played any games
recently there haven't been that much to write about to be honest. I
want to keep this blog somewhat fresh and I didn't really feel like
posts on 'went to the gym today. Did three sets of 12 on legpress at
130kg' would be that interesting or beneficial for anyone to read.

Though saying that, I have been able to start pushing the normal type of
weight again now that I'm recovered from the operation. The only slight
snag I've had is a broken finger after I got a slap shot on the tip of
the glove. Slightly painful, but nothing that would prevent me from
playing or training for that matter.

I mentioned the operation and despite it being three months ago now, I
still wouldn't class myself as 100% fit. I've managed to put on the
muscle that I lost but I haven't fully regained the explosiveness to the
degree I want it to be at.

However it will come and I'm sure that by the time it comes to the
summer cup I'll be in great condition and will be able to pursue my
ultimate goals.

The one thing that I have done, is that I have opened a twitter page for
this blog as well at You can follow
random short thoughts there as well as gain links to the actual blog and
stories. Though if you are reading this here then you must already know

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