Tuesday, 27 January 2009


I was having a conversation on MSN last night with a friend of mine. As usual the conversation turned into talking about sports and what not. We are both avid hockey fans and both play to a varying degree of success.

Few of my friends have been hell bent on this idea that I should go and ask for try out with the Basingstoke Bison, which is the professional team in my current hometown. Where the idea is attractive and I’ve had nothing but positive encouragement from friends. It is certainly a goal to aspire to and work towards. If I ever make it, it would be truly Fabian Brunstrom style rise. Where I normally wouldn’t give kudos to a Swedish hockey player, Brunstrom has shown that with hard work, everything is possible.

Hockey in all of its beauty is about goals, whether it is that 6x4ft square or about setting goals for yourself and for your team. I have always been a goal oriented person and I think where my last season wasn’t as successful as the previous ones was because I had not set any visible goals for myself. The year before my goal was to get in to the Basingstoke Buffalo, which I did, though in the end £700 ITC cost torpedoed that attempt.

In 2007 when I was coaching the University roller hockey team, my goal was to win the national championship and we achieved that goal, though by the tournament I had relinquished my coaching duties to a more capable person who then carried the team to greater heights. Needless to say we won the national championship, so it was yet another goal I could tick off the list.

When you don’t set yourself goals or aspirations it is very difficult to succeed in life. Whether or not you achieve the goals you have set, it is always important to reflect upon the achievements that you did get to, even if the main goal escaped you. This way you can make yourself a better person, player, employee, employer etc. Like said I didn’t have a goal last season, nothing to work for, which lead to a lot of frustration and pondering whether I should carry on play or if I should hang up the skates.

I’m happy that I didn’t give up in the end, though I gave it some serious consideration. I set myself new goals, which I am working towards now and there are new goals that I am setting myself all the time. For the main part of this up and coming season my goal is to score a goals and work as a set up man, but most importantly make a difference to the team. I want to help the team get into the playoffs again and I don’t mean it in a half hearted ‘yeah I suppose the playoffs are all right’ way. I want to go all the way and not just come close, because close only gets you 16 games.
Who knows, if Bison was a goal of mine, would I be able to achieve it? I certainly hope so and that is what my friend said I should do as well. If I don't make it, atleast I have given it a try.

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