Friday, 19 February 2010

Desperation plays

Desperation can be a great ally. I find that I accomplish the best results when under increased pressure or everything has to be done in the desperation mode. Whether a big game is on the line or if you’re fighting for a win in overtime, or you need to get something urgent finished off at work.

I think the best example I can give of desperation is my teams’ play in the summer cup when we went to the playoffs to face Bristol Warriors. The whole team was a bit nervous to begin with and where we were trading goals left right and centre, Bristol managed to get away. In the third period though, we pulled the game back with what can only be described as desperation. Every guy on the team was doing their jobs, laying their body down infront of the puck, taking and giving hits and most importantly scoring goals. Personally I had two in the game, which helped us greatly, but it wasn’t enough.

I’ve played in big games and have had the privilege to play and be coached by people who have experience from big games and events. It has helped me calm down for those important games and almost view them as ‘any other games’. Sure it’s not quite like the game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals and no one would ever say that it’s just another game, because that whole event is something extra special.

However, with all the success that I have experienced, comes at a greater price. I think I have lost and been disappointed more times than I have won something in my career. For many, the constant disappointments can result in the end of their careers, but for me and many others as well, it is a source for inspiration and drive. Ultimately it the triumphs that you will remember forever, rather than the losses.

But despite all that I have lost in the game of hockey and all that I am yet to achieve, there is something that drives me on. Part of it is desperation and the other part is hope. I am desperate to win and will do anything to get there and fight to make things happen for the team. I am hoping that my performances will drive me to a new height and that I will be able to achieve greatness once more.

When all else seems gone and no matter what adversities you face, you need desperation and hope (among other things) to push through. No matter how bleak it all seems, but Hope always dies last.

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