Sunday, 14 February 2010


• Why do I play hockey?
I play hockey, because it is the ultimate team sport. It combines skill, strength, speed and it is aggressive. When I’m on the ice, it is one of the happiest places on the earth. I love the rush of adrenaline that every shift creates and I love the feeling of having worked till you have nothing left in the tank and go beyond that.

• What Do I want to achieve?
I want to achieve nothing but victories. I want to contribute every shift. Most of all I want to achieve my ultimate goal, to play as a pro.

• Do I have a long term hockey goal or a career goal?
I sort of answered it above, I want to play as a pro and carry on playing to the best of my ability till the end of my career.

• What is my goal for the season?
Help the team to reach the playoffs and fight for a championship. Individually I want to have a good year and score in excess of 30 points and secure a place with a professional or semi professional team.

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